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  put on one's clothes 穿上衣服

  —You need to put on your clothes quickly or you'll be late for work.

  —Where's my belt?

  wear layers of clothes 穿着几层衣服

  —They say that the best way to keep warm is to wear layers of clothes.

  —That's for sure.


  try on clothes 试穿衣服

  —Can I try on the clothes hung on the wall?

  —Of course. I will get them for you.

  take clothes out of the wardrobe 从衣柜里拿衣服

  —I can't find that red skirt. I remember putting it into the wardrobe.

  —I suggest that you take all the clothes out of wardrobe. It's probably the only way to find it.

  put one's clothes on backwards 把衣服前后穿反

  —Hey, you've put your clothes on backwards.

  —I went to bed very late last night, and I was still half-asleep when I've dressed.

  take off one's clothes 脱衣服

  —Please don't drop your clothes on the floor when you take them off. It looks messy.

  —Sorry, I will pick them up right away.

  change clothes 换衣服

  —I didn't have any time to change clothes before the party.

  —You mean you wore jeans and T-shirt for the party last night?

  change out of wet clothes 把湿衣服换下来

  —I fell into the pool by accident.

  —You are to change out of those wet clothes.

  fold clothes 叠衣服

  —Who folded these piles of clothes so neatly?

  —Mary was folding clothes when I came in.


  lay clothes out on the bed 把衣服摊平放在床上

  sew up the hole in clothes 补衣服上的洞

  wring clothes 把衣服拧干

  put the clothes into the dryer把衣服放进烘干机

  hang up clothes on the washing line 把衣服晾在晾衣绳上

  take clothes off the hanger把衣服从衣架上取下来

  shop for clothes 逛街买衣服

  bring a change of clothes 带一套换洗衣服